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Konan Scarborough
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Konan is a very calm and collected person. Sometimes this can make her come off as egotistical and apathetic. Really, she isn't. She cares deeply for people, especially those close to her, and is very motherly. She isn't much of an extrovert, which is surprising considering her career. She prefers to keep to herself. Despite this, she is still a passionate actress.
Konan grew up in Western New York State, near the Buffalo area. Her family was comfortably middle class. As a shy only child, Konan didn't have many friends in elementary school. She seemed perfectly happy all the same. In place of play dates with friends, Konan would spend her weekends perfecting her skills in origami.

When she reached middle school, Konan's parents encouraged her to join the drama department. She was far too shy to be on stage, however, and opted to work as stage crew. However, she made her debut on the stage in the school's big spring play. The lead had gotten sick and was unable to perform. There had been no understudy. Lucky for the cast, though unlucky for Konan (at the time at least), Konan had managed to memorize all the lines. Somehow, she managed to overcome her crippling shyness with the adrenaline rush being on stage in front of all those people gave her. From there she could never get enough of acting. She came out of her shell rather quickly, though she still preferred to keep to herself.

In high school, Konan was an honors student, constantly studing when she wasn't acting. Though she had grown rather beautiful (she had inherited her mother's French bone structure), she never had a boyfriend. She was simply not interested. It worried her parents slightly, but she assured them that nothing was wrong with her. She simply could not stand the boys' idiocy. Her parents begrudgingly accepted this. Konan was a loner through most of high school, and she never really had any friends that really stood out in her memory.

When it came time for Konan to go to college, she had her pick of pretty much any place she wanted. Instead of attending an Ivy League school where her mind could flourish, she instead chose to study at Wagner, a university known for it's amazing theatre department. Konan thouroughly enjoyed her experience at Wagner, finding many people who had mindsets similar to her own. Graduation had come far too quickly.

Like most aspiring actors, Konan moved the the great city of New York. She performed in many different off-Broadway plays, playing a variety of roles. When she finally got called back for an audition for a play that would take place on the great Broadway stage, Konan was ecstatic. She landed the roll, though it was relatively small. But who cared? It was broadway. That was four years ago. Now, she's a regular name when it comes to the actors of Broadway. Of course the money isn't stellar, but it's more than enough to get her by (which is saying something, since NYC isn't a cheap place to live).

Konan is still a loner, not really getting close to anyone except her pet cat, Ranger. She loves nothing more than to come home after a long and grueling rehearsal or performance, fall into bed, and cuddle with her cat.
Name: Konan Scarborough
Age: 31
Occupation: Broadway/Stage Actress
Height: 5' 6"
Weight: 110 lbs
Blood type: AB
Likes: the arts, acting, her cat, her alone time, the stage
Dislikes: auditions, people, noise
Eyes: Dark Blue
Hair: Black, looks blue in the light
Personality: composed, serious, polite, independent, reserved, professional, motherly
Talents/abilities: strong will, good actress, dependable
Love Interest: None

Kidnap? Go for it!
Noncon? Sure
Angst? Probably not much.
Attack? Sure.
Kill? No please
Het, yaoi, yuri? Any
Rating? Any and all.

Any other notes? Konan is actually really nice despite having a cold exterior. Be friendly to her ^_^

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